Diocesan Synod of Fredericton

Diocese of Fredericton

Safe Church

To promote the mission of the church by providing
a safe and effective working, learning and spiritual environment.

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Complete Safe Church Package Table of Contents

Safe Church Officer Position Profile

Part 1 - Regulation 4-4: Diocesan Safe Church

Part 2 - Policies
B-3 Misconduct Policy   (05 October 2017)
B-4 Privacy Policy   (5 October 2017)
B-6 Police Record Check Policy   (5 October 2017)

Part 3 - Risk Management  (5 October 2017)

Forms and Checklists
Misconduct Complaint Form
Personal Information Consent Form
Photograph and Media Consent Form
Police Records Check (PRC) Request Template
Accident - Medical Incident Report Form
Agreement to Use a Diocesan Facility
Application Form - Employee, Layreader, Volunteer
Blank Ministry Position Form
Diocesan Covenant and Care Form
Diocesan Facilities Checklist
Diocesan Staff Performance Review Form
List of Ministry Positions
Personal Reference Check Form
Program Waiver and Medical Release Form
Safe Church Event Checklist
 Adult to Child Minimum Ratio Standard
 Diocesan Washroom Standard
 Minimum Safety Standards and Practices

Diocesan Safe Church Officers
Misconduct Complaints Officer: Ann Whiteway Brown, Q.C. 325-2900     Email
Assistant Misconduct Complaints Officer: Victoria Hachey
Privacy Officer: Ben Bourque Email

Diocese of Fredericton
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