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Archdeaconry of Chatham (Northeastern New Brunswick)

Archdeaconry of Fredericton (Fredericton / Oromocto area)

Archdeaconry of Kingston and the Kennebecasis (East of Saint John to Sussex)

Archdeaconry of Moncton (Southeastern New Brunswick)

Archdeaconry of Saint John (Saint John area excluding West Saint John)

Archdeaconry of St. Andrews (Saint John West and Southwestern New Brunswick)

Archdeaconry of Woodstock (Northwestern New Brunswick)

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Retired Clergy

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No Parish / Clergy on Leave

Chatham Archdeaconry:

Deanery of Chaleur - Miramichi: the Rev. Sandy MacPherson, Regional Dean

Parish Church Buildings Contact Clergy
Bathurst St. George, 432 King Avenue, Bathurst 546-3225 the Rev. Sandy MacPherson
Chatham St. Mary, 207 Wellington Street
St. Paul, 750 Water Street
773-7387 the Rev. Perry Cooper
the Rev. Edward Quann
the Rev. Ted Quann
Derby and Blackville Holy Trinity, 298 Main St, Blackville
St. Agnes, 914 Rte 118, Gray Rapids
St. Peter, 4947 Rte 108, Millerton
843-6022 the Rev. Gerald Laskey
New Bandon Christ Church, 6913 Rte 11, Clifton
St. Alban, 4633 Cape Road, Salmon Beach
546-2828 Incumbency posting
St. Andrew, 186 Pleasant Street
St. Mark, 150 Islandview Dr, South Nelson
St. John the Evangelist, Bay du Vin
622-7614 the Rev. Thomas Nisbett
the Rev. Rose Steeves
Restigouche Christ Church, 23 Andrew St, Campbellton
St. Andrew, Upsalquitch River Rd, Robinsonville
St. Mary, 399 Adelaide Street, Dalhousie
759-9245 the Rev. Ann Fairweather

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Fredericton Archdeaconry: the Ven. Wandlyn Snelgrove, territorial Archdeacon

Deanery of Fredericton: the Rev. Canon Walter Williams, Regional Dean

Parish Church Buildings Contact Clergy
Christ Church Cathedral Christ Church Cathedral, Church St. 450-8500 the Very Rev. Geoffrey Hall, Dean of Fredericton
the Most Rev. Claude Miller
the Ven. Patricia Drummond
the Rev. Canon Jon Lownds
the Rev. Canon Tom Smith
the Rev. Canon David Staples, honorary assistants
Fredericton Christ Church (Parish) Church, 245 Westmorland St.
St. Anne's Chapel of Ease
451-0630 the Ven. Wandlyn Snelgrove;
the Rev. Canon Elaine Hamilton, the Rt. Rev. William Hockin, the Ven. John Sharpe, honorary assistants
Fredericton Junction St. Mark, 4332 Heritage Dr, Tracy
St. Andrew, 249 Sunbury Dr Fredericton Junction
St. Luke, 6093 Hwy 101, Hoyt
  the Rev. James Appleton
Gagetown St. John, 3 Courthouse Road
St. Stephen, Rte 102, Queenstown
St. George, Rte 102, Upper Gagetown
488-2069 the Rev. Christian Persaud
New Maryland Holy Trinity, 1224 Rte 101, Nasonworth 453-1319 the Rev. Greg Frazer (on leave)
the Rev. Canon Albert Snelgrove
Oromocto and Maugerville St. John, 56 Broad Road
Christ Church, 1381 Rte 105, Maugerville
357-1138 the Rev. Canon Walter Williams, interim priest-in-charge
the Rev. Keith Howlett, honorary assistant
Prince William, Dumfries,
Queensbury and Southampton
St. Clement, 6833 Route 102, Dumfries
All Saints, Magaguadavic
St. Luke, Temperance Vale
St. Mark, Kings Landing
454-9998 the Rev. Dr. David Mercer, interim priest-in-charge
St. Margaret's St. Margaret, 775 Forest Hill Rd 450-0110 the Rev. Richard Robinson
the Rev. John Harvey, honorary assistant
St. Peter, Fredericton St. Peter, 2365 Woodstock Rd 454-8752 the Rev. Canon Dr. Ross Hebb

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Deanery of York: the Rev. Canon Bonnie LeBlanc, Regional Dean

Parish Church Buildings Contact Clergy
Bright All Saints, 150 Crocks Point Rd, Keswick Ridge
St. Paul, 1407 Rte 104 Zealand
Incumbency (part-time) posting
Cambridge and Waterborough Good Shepherd, 2266 Lower Cambridge Rd, Cambridge-Narrows
St. James, 647 Rte 715, Lower Jemseg
St. Luke, Youngs Cove
All Saints, Bagdad Road, Bagdad
488-2069 the Rev. Christian Persaud
Douglas and Nashwaaksis St. John the Evangelist, 75 Main Street, Fredericton 458-9411 the Rev. Paul Ranson, the Rev. John Galbraith;
the Rev. Canon Jon Lownds, the Rev. Canon William MacMullin, the Rev. Canon Bruce McKenna, the Rev. Capt. Charles Smart, honorary assistants
Ludlow and Blissfield St. James the Greater, 6959 Rte 8, Ludlow
St. Andrew, 327 Main St, Doaktown
St. Peter, Rte 8, Boiestown
365-7801 the Rev. Neil Osiowy
Marysville All Saints, 172 Canada St., Fredericton 897-2686 the Rev. Kevin McAllister
Minto and Chipman St. Michael and All Angels, 718 Pleasant Dr, Minto
St. Augustine of Canterbury, 69 King St, Chipman
897-2686 the Rev. Kevin McAllister
St. Mary, York St. Mary, 780 MvEvoy St. 472-4661
the Rev. Canon Kevin Stockall
the Rev. Dr. David Mercer, honorary assistant
Stanley St. Thomas, 71 Main Street, Stanley
St. Paul, 119 Rte 107, Cross Creek
367-2013 the Rev. Canon Bonnie LeBlanc

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Kingston and the Kennebecasis Archdeaconry: the Ven. Robert Marsh, territorial Archdeacon

Deanery of Kingston / Kennebecasis: the Rev. David Turner, Regional Dean

Parish Church Buildings Contact Clergy
Central Kings Christ Church, Bloomfield
Church of the Ascension, Lower Norton Shore
Trinity Church, Springfield
650-2063 the Ven. Robert Marsh
Gondola Point St. Luke, 12 Quispamsis Road 847-3670 the Rev. Robert Langmaid

Hammond River

Holy Trinity, 2 Hammond River Rd., Quispamsis 847-0850 the Rev. Michael O'Hara
Hampton St. Paul, 486 Kennebecasis River Road 832-3375 the Rev. David Turner
the Rev. Deborah Cochran
the Rev. Daniel McMullen, Missioner to the Kennebecasis Valley
Kingston Trinity Church, 3949 Rte 845, Kingston
Chapels of Ease:
St. Paul, Whitehead Beach
St. James, 3365 Rte 845, Long Reach
All Saints, 1291 Rte 845, Clifton Royal
763-3183 the Rev. Douglas Painter;
the Rev. Dr. John Tremblay,
the Rev. Brenda McKnight, honorary assistants
Quispamsis St. Augustine, 239 Quispamsis Rd. 849-8464 the Rev. Michael O'Hara
Renforth St. James the Less, 1760 Rothesay Road 847-7696 the Rev. Eric Phinney
Rothesay St. Paul, 4 Church Avenue 847-1812 the Rev. Paul Rideout
the Rev. Robert Montgomery
the Rev. Eileen Irish;
the Rev. Canon James Golding
the Rev. Robyn Cuming, honorary assistants
St. Mark's
(Sussex Corner)
St. Mark, 4 Needle St, Sussex Corner
All Saints, Route 111, Jeffries Corner
433-4412 Incumbency posting
Sussex Trinity Church, 853 Main Street, Sussex
St. John, Highfield
433-3444 the Rev. Canon Tom Stradwick
Upham Holy Trinity, Smithtown
St. Andrew, French Village
St. Barnabas, Barnesville
St. Peter, 2168 Rte 820, Upham
650-2063 the Ven. Robert Marsh
the Rev. Brenda Fowler
Upper Kennebecasis Church of the Ascension, 2980 Rte 121, Apohaqui
St. Simon & St. Jude, Belleisle Creek
433-6207 the Rev. Daniel McMullen
Waterford St. John the Evangelist, Chambers Road 433-4412 Incumbency posting

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Moncton Archdeaconry: the Ven. Brent Ham, territorial Archdeacon

Deanery of Shediac: the Rev. Chris Hayes, Regional Dean

Parish Church Buildings Contact Clergy
Dorchester Trinity, 5005 Main Street, Dorchester 536-0872 the Rev. Dr. Ranall Ingalls
the Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Wells
the Rev. Dr. John Simons, honorary assistant
Hillsborough Riverside St. Mary, 39 Mill Street, Hillsborough
St. Alban, 5745 King Street, Riverside-Albert
384-6940 the Rev. Robert Salloum
the Rev. Barbara Haire
Kent St. Paul, 140 Browns Yard Rd, Browns Yard
St. Matthew, 7889 Route 126, Harcourt
St. Lawrence, 42 Rue Acadie, Bouctouche
785-4616 the Rev. Christopher Ketch
Moncton St. George, 51 Church Street, Moncton 855-5209 the Rev. Canon Chris VanBuskirk
the Rev. Dr. Dan Goodwin
the Rev. Norm Dupuis
Riverview St. John the Baptist, 28 Woolridge Street 386-7431 the Ven. Brent Ham
the Rev. Rufus Onyewuchi
the Rev. Wendy Amos-Binks
the Rev. Valerie Hunt
the Rev. Karman Hunt, honorary assistants
Sackville St. Paul, 125 Main St, Sackville
St. Ann, 65 British Settlement Road, Westcock
536-0872 the Rev. Dr. Ranall Ingalls
the Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Wells
the Rev. Dr. John Simons, honorary assistant
Salisbury and Havelock St. John, Kat St, Salisbury
St. Andrew, 62 Church St, Petitcodiac
All Saints, Church Hill Rd, Elgin
756-2296 the Rev. Chris Hayes
Shediac St. Martin in the Woods, 3400 Route 134, Shediac Cape
St. Winifred, Pointe-du-Chêne Rd, Pointe-du-Chêne
532-6960 the Rev. Kevin Borthwick
St. Andrew's, Sunny Brae St. Andrew, 105 Elmwood Drive, Moncton 856-7057 the Rev. Robert Salloum
St. James, Moncton St. James, 101 Fairview Drive, Moncton 382-7725 the Rev. Wendy Amos-Binks,
interim priest-in-charge
St. Philip's, Moncton St. Philip, 30 Lynch Street, Moncton 389-9424 the Rev. Robert Salloum
the Rev. David Alston
Westmorland St. Mark, 59 Mt Whatley Loop Rd, Mount Whatley
St. Luke, 359 Main Street, Baie Verte
the Rev. Lidvald Haugen-Strand (ELCIC),
interim priest-in-charge

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Saint John Archdeaconry: the Ven. Keith Osborne, territorial Archdeacon

Deanery of Saint John:
                                      the Ven. Keith Osborne, Director of Senior Ministry

Parish Church Buildings Contact Clergy
Central Saint John Community Ministry the Rev. Jasmine Chandra
the Rev. Terence Chandra
Coldbrook - St. Mary St. Mary and St. Bartholomew, 646 Westmorland Road 696-1347 the Rev. Canon Gregory McMullin
the Rev. Wally Corey, honorary assistant
the Rev. David Jackson, honorary assistant
East Saint John All Saints, 35 Park Avenue 634-0381 the Rev. David Peer
the Rev. Canon George Eves, honorary assistant
Fundy and the Lakes Christ the King, 2000 Loch Lomond Rd, Saint John
St. Thomas, 1063 Rte 825, Black River
696-1006 the Rev. Canon Leo Martin
the Rev. Dwight Stuart
Captain Janet Edwards, Parish Evangelist
the Rev. Ellen Curtis, honorary assistant
Millidgeville St. John the Baptist and St. Clement, meeting at 162 Waterloo St., Saint John 633-5055 the Ven. Stuart Allan, interim priest-in-charge
St. Luke, 369 Main St, Saint John 693-4152 The Rev. Canon David Barrett, interim priest-in-charge
the Rev. Cole Hartin
Saint John Trinity Church, 115 Charlotte St., Saint John 693-8558 the Rev. Steven Scribner
St. Mark St. John (Stone) Church, 87 Carleton Street, Saint John 634-1474 the Rev. Dr. John Paul Westin

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St. Andrews Archdeaconry: the Ven. John Matheson, territorial Archdeacon

Deanery of Lancaster: the Rev. Chris McMullen, acting Regional Dean

Parish Church Buildings Contact Clergy
Lancaster Church of the Good Shepherd, 688 Manawagonish Road 635-8145 the Rev. Christopher McMullen
Musquash St. Margaret, Lepreau
Trinity, Maces Bay
the Nerepis and St. John Church of the Resurrection, 20 MacDonald Avenue, Grand Bay-Westfield
St. Paul, Oak Point
St. Peter, 1586 Route 705, Wickham
738-3474 the Rev. Michael Caines
the Rev. Eleanor Dryden
the Rev. Peter Gillies, honorary assistant
the Rev. Gordon Thompson, honorary assistant
Westside Anglican Mission 9:00am meeting at 1 Carleton Kirk Place, 10:30am family service at the Seafarers Mission, 92 Tilley Lane 343-7748 the Rev. Jonathan Springthorpe

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Deanery of St. Andrews: the Rev. Chris McMullen, acting Regional Dean

Parish Church Buildings Contact Clergy
Campobello St. Anne, Welshpool 752-2001 Incumbency posting
Grand Manan Church of the Ascension, North Head
St. Paul, Grand Harbour
662-3781 Incumbency posting
McAdam St. George, 51 Rockland Drive 784-2422 the Rev. Arnold Godsoe, interim priest-in-charge
Pennfield Christ Church, 68 Rte 778, Pennfield 755-2972 the Rev. Caleb Twinamatsiko
St. Andrews All Saints, 77 King Street, St. Andrews
St. John the Baptist, Rte 127, Chamcook
529-8662 the Ven. John Matheson
the Rev. James Crighton
St. David and St. Patrick St. David, Bay Road, Oak Bay
Christ Church, 699 Boyd Rd, Elmsville
529-8662 the Ven. John Matheson
St. George St. Mark, 28 Main St.
Church of the Transfiguration, 3209 Rte 1, Bethel
755-3029 the Rev. Mary Anne Langmaid
Saint Stephen Christ Church, 30 Prince William St
St. Peter, 20 Church St, Milltown Heights
St. Thomas, Moores Mills
465-8486 the Rev. Julian Pillay

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Woodstock Archdeaconry: the Ven. Roderick Black, territorial Archdeacon

Deanery of Woodstock: the Rev. Canon Fran Bedell, Regional Dean

Parish Church Buildings Contact Clergy
Andover Trinity, 1292 West Riverside Drive, Perth-Andover 273-2031 the Rev. Stephen Harnish
  St. Helen, 20 Church Road, Licford 356-2646
Canterbury, Benton and Kirkland Holy Trinity, 139 Main St, Canterbury
St. Mary the Virgin, Benton
St. Paul, 1929 Hwy 540, Kirkland
Denmark St. Ansgar, 244 Main New Denmark Road
St. Paul, 1617 West River Road, Limestone Siding
St. George, Route 130, Bairdsville
273-2031 the Rev. Stephen Harnish
Madawaska St. John the Baptist, 86 Rue de l'Église, Edmundston the Rev. Canon Fran Bedell
Richmond St. John, 3667 Rte 540, Richmond Corner
St. Mark, 4786 Rte 540, Jackson Falls
Holy Trinity, 67 Orser St., Hartland
328-3042 the Ven. Roderick Black
Wicklow, Wilmot, Peel and Aberdeen Good Shepherd, 8772 Main St, Florenceville-Bristol
Christ Church, Hwy 107, Glassville
St. James, Main St, Centreville
St. Barnabas, 626 Backland Rd, Summerfield
595-0195 the Rev. Robert LeBlanc
Woodstock St. Luke, 104 Church Street
Christ Church, 1973 Rte 165, Lower Woodstock
328-4304 the Rev. Shirley Noseworthy

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Special Ministries

Camp Ministries: Camp Medley | Camp Brookwood

Saint John Regional Hospital: the Rev. Canon David Barrett, Chaplain

Moncton Hospital: the Rev. Rufus Onyewuchi, Chaplain

Dr. Everett Chalmer's Hospital (Fredericton): The Ven. John Sharpe, Chaplain

University of New Brunswick Campus Ministry

Rothesay Netherwood School: Mr. Paul McLellan, Head; the Rev. Rob Langmaid, Chaplain

Saint John Inner City Youth Ministry: Erin Hodge

Saint John Seafarers' Mission: The Rev. Eric Phinney, Chaplain, the Rev. Robert Salloum, Board member

Chancellor: David Bell

Vice-Chancellor: Dr. Kelly VanBuskirk, Q.C.

Warden of Layreaders: Cleo Cyr 506-847-0116

Misconduct Complaints Officer: Ann Whiteway Brown 506-325-2900

Assistant Misconduct Complaints Officer: Victoria Hachey

Privacy Officer: Ben Bourque 506-459-1801 (221)

Diocesan Archivist: Lorna Williams

Diocesan Ecumenical Officer: The Rev. Robert LeBlanc

Diocesan Stewardship Officer: Michael Briggs 506-459-1801 (230)

Diocesan Chaplain to Mothers' Union: the Ven. Wandlyn Snelgrove

PWRDF Co-ordinator: Anne Walling

Diocesan Representative to Anglican Fellowship of Prayer: the Rev. Debbie Edmondson

Diocesan Representative to the Anglican Foundation of Canada: Clyde Spinney, Q.C.

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Retired Clergy

The Ven. Stuart Allan

The Rev. Wendy Amos-Binks

The Rev. Canon Harold Anningson

The Rev. Robert Barry Jr.

The Rev. Canon Malcolm Berry

The Rev. Eric Caldwell

The Rev. Canon John Cathcart

The Rev. Canon Neville Cheeseman

The Rev. Barry Cohen-Thorley

The Rev. Canon Ed Coleman

The Rev. Wally Collett

The Rev. John Cooper

The Rev. Canon Wallace Corey

The Rev. Canon Patricia Craig

The Ven. T. W. Crowther

The Rev. Robyn Cuming

The Rev. Capt. Dana Dean

The Rev. David Dean

The Rev. Terry Doncaster

The Ven. Partricia Drummond

The Rev. Canon George Eves

the Rev. Peter Gillies

The Rev. Bruce Glencross

The Rev. Arnold Godsoe

The Rev. Canon James Golding

The Rev. Christine Greer

The Ven. Arthur Gregg

The Rev. Canon Elaine Hamilton

The Ven. F. Harold Hazen

The Rt. Rev. William Hockin

The Rev. Keith Howlett

The Rev. Karman Hunt

The Rev. Valerie Hunt

The Rev. Eileen Irish

The Rev. Canon James T. Irvine

The Rev. Canon David Jackson

The Rev. Ellis Jagoe

The Rev. Canon David Kierstead

The Rt. Rev. George C. Lemmon

The Rev. Canon Jon Lownds

The Rev. Canon Elaine Lucas

The Rev. Canon William MacMullin

The Rev. Garth Maxwell

The Rev. Canon Richard McConnell

The Rev. Canon Bruce McKenna

The Rev. Brenda McKnight

The Rev. Dr. David Mercer

The Most Rev. Claude Miller

The Rev. John Mills

The Rev. Rufus Onyewuchi

The Ven. Keith Osborne

The Rev. Philip Pain

The Rev. Joyce Perry

The Ven. John Sharpe

The Rev. Canon Dr. John Simons

The Rev. Capt. Charles Smart

The Rev. Canon Robert B. Smith

The Rev. Canon Tom Smith

The Rev. E. T. Spencer

The Rev. Canon David Staples

The Rev. Canon Richard Steeves

The Ven. Reginald Stockall

the Rev. Canon Allen Tapley

The Rev. Gordon Thompson

The Rev. Dr. John Tremblay

The Rev. Canon Alvin Westgate

The Rev. Dr. Lee Whitney

The Rev. Canon Walter Williams

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No Parish / Clergy On Leave

the Rev. Dick Black

The Rev. Ellen Curtis

The Rev. John Harvey

The Rev. Paul Jeffries, Missionary Priest in Uganda, Bishop McAllister College and Anglican Seminary

The Rev. Wilfred Langmaid

The Rev. Amanda Longmoore

The Rev. Paul McCracken

The Rev. William Morton

The Rev. David Titus

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Licensed Lay Evangelists

Hugh Bateman

Cyrus Blanchet        

Cathy Borthwick

Shawn Branch

Janet Edwards

Bonnie Hunt

Debora Kantor

Rob Pitman

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Harold Boomer

Jonathan Hallewell

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