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  1. There will be one Commission for each Archdeaconry and they will each comprise: the Territorial Archdeacon (Chair), 2 Clergy and 2 lay people from the Archdeaconry. The Commissioners will be appointed by the Bishop.

  2. The Commissions will begin their work immediately after Easter 2012. They will follow the time schedule as outlined. At Easter 2013 a final report, ready for implementation, will be presented to the Bishop.

  3. The Commissions will use the ministry plans created by Bishop’s Counsel at its meeting in February 2012 as a starting point for their deliberations. They in no way need to be limited by these documents.

  4. The primary purpose of the Commissions is to provide a “debatable” plan for the Archdeaconry, ready to be discussed by Greater Chapters, by November 1st, 2012.

  5. Each ministry plan needs to re-imagine ministry in the Archdeaconry in 2023, taking into account the 5 Marks of mission of the Anglican Communion along with Bishop Salmon’s ideas re stewardship of the Gospel, the Church and finances; and the goals of the Niocdemus Project to grow the Church spiritually, numerically and financially. In order to accomplish this 1 year, 5 year and 10 year milestones need to be established.

  6. The Commissions will use Federal, Provincial and civic statistical information, reports etc to inform their process (population data Links Provided to Archdeacons) Diocesan statistical information will be made available to them, along with other material which the Commissions might deem helpthl.

  7. The Commissions may suggest changes in Diocesan governance and structures if they seem necessary for the implementation of a particular recommendation.

  8. The Commissions will provide estimated costings for the resources to make their plan a reality.

  9. Each Commission has a budget of $1500 for the obtaining of necessary resources. In addition Commissioners will be reimbursed at the appropriate Diocesan rate for mileage. Provision will be made for other reasonable out of pocket expenses which Commissioners might incur.

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  1. Prior to the first meeting all Commissioners should have read the materials provided.

    The 5 Marks of Mission
    The Australian Church Report
    The Gloucester Diocesan Report
    Exploring Pioneer Ministry - A Short Guide
    Parochial Vision - Nick Spencer
    Alcester Minster Review 2009 - Diocese of Coventry
    The Bishop’s paper re what constitutes a "Parish" in the Diocese of Fredericton
    C. T. Labs the World’s Wicked Problems - Jeff Cronkin
    Vision 2012 - Anglican Church of Canada
    The Nicodemus Project
    Statistical Information
          Archdeaconry of Chatham
          Archdeaconry of Fredericton
               April 2014 Supplemental (Parish of Prince William)
          Archdeaconry of Kingston and the Kennebecasis
          Archdeaconry of Moncton
          Archdeaconry of Saint John
          Archdeaconry of St. Andrews
          Archdeaconry of Woodstock

    Other Resources

    One Church, 100 Uses
    Church of Wales Review

  2. Each Commission may set in place a process to collect relevant additional Federal, Provincial
    and civic statistics and reports, as it requires.

  3. There will be an initial discussion about the current state of the Archdeaconry to determine if there are parishes where extremely urgent action is needed in order to ensure sustainable ministry. What is needed in these parishes and when should it be implemented, immediately or after the June 2012 interim report?

  4. Review the models for ministry presented in the documentation. What might be appropriate
    for the Archdeacomy. Are there other models or ideas out there which need to be added?

  5. Review the statistical data. What are the trends both church and civic within the Archdeaconry?

  6. What trends within the communities served by the churches in the Archdeaconries will impact their ministry? For example, are there specific needs which could be met? The parish of Shediac, with the help of local community leaders, identified 3 significant needs in its region. Their new hall development is part of an attempt to meet two of them.

  7. Given the needs of the churches and of the communities how should ministry in the Archdeaconry be shaped?

  8. What are the 1 year, 5 year and 10 year markers for this process?

  9. What resources does the Synod need to put in place to enable the identified changes to take place?

  10. Are there ministry roles other than those of the traditional priest and deacon which are needed to enable the development of the new models of ministry required in the Archdeaconry?

  11. Please ensure that the Commission has lifted existing boundaries to look at cross boundary initiatives.

  12. The final task is obviously to gather all the information into a “debatable” report for Greater Chapter. In the light of the comments from Chapter the report is to be re-worked and presented to the Bishop, at or before Easter 2013.

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