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Diocese of Fredericton

Layreader Development Resources Page


Layreader Updates

2017 Winter and Spring training opportunities

May 14, 2016


Application and Assessment Forms

Guiding Questions (for use by clergy with those discerning to become layreaders)

Layreader-in-training application form

Parochial layreader application form

Diocesan layreader application form

Layreader self-assessment form

Layreader covenant


Course Materials

Training content overview (updated August 29, 2016)

Layreader's event/activity tracking record

Course/training attendance form (for course facilitator)

Course Evaluation Survey

Course: Reading Scripture and Liturgy in Public See more.


Course: Biblical Foundations using See Through the Scriptures See more.

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Course: Church Doctrine (small group / self study) See more.


Course: Worship - The Lord's Prayer (small group / self study) See more.


Course: S.H.A.P.E. - Your Shape for God's Service See more.




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