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Communications Committee

Mandate   Current Membership
To support the mission of the Anglican Church in New Brunswick, by offering advice and ascertaining resources to further the work of the Bishop of Fredericton, the Editor of Anglican media and the Diocesan Communications Officer.   The Rev. Canon Patricia Drummond
Bishop David Edwards, Publisher, The NB Anglican
Archdeacon Cathy Laskey
Gisele McKnight, Diocesan Communications Officer
Dorothy Shephard, Chair
The Rev. Dwight Stuart


News and Resources

Guidelines for Parish Communications Officers

Tips for Parish Communications Officers

Dealing with Media (Clergy Day presentation)

Parish Communications (presentation to deaneries)

Presentations from the 2016 Communications Workshop

Roles and Responsibilities
Brief Description and Mandate
  The Diocesan Communications Committee will support the mission of the Anglican Church in New Brunswick, by offering advice and ascertaining resources to further the work of the Bishop of Fredericton, the Editor of Anglican media, the Diocesan Webmaster and the Diocesan Communications Officer.
On-going Responsibilities and Reporting
  The Communications Committee shall: (in order of perceived priority)
  • Ensure sufficient human and financial resources for diocesan communications
  • Conduct periodic surveys to seek improvements in the effectiveness of diocesan communications
  • Periodically educate contributors on acceptable length, style, technical formats for photos and graphics, deadlines, criteria for items being selected
  • Annually review the performance of the NB Anglican, diocesan web site, electronic news and other devices with respect to the mission and guidelines and report results to the Bishop
  • Review the mission and guidelines every five years and approve any amendments proposed to the editorial policy
  • If the diocesan editor is unable to successfully resolve a dispute, consider complaints concerning diocesan communication efforts; advise the Bishop, as publisher, of the results of any such review and request him/her to settle the matter if the Committee has been unable to do so
  • Give direction and advice to the Editor on editorial content, spirituality and theology
  • Ensure that a wide range of informed opinion is reflected in diocesan communications as a way to encourage dialogue and debate
  • Advise the bishop on any broad communications issues such as moves to new technologies for teaching and reaching Anglicans in New Brunswick
  • Develop the policies required to guide day-to-day decision-making, and production of, diocesan communications such as the NB Anglican, web site and electronic news
  • In consultation with the diocesan communications officer, develop a yearly communications plan (internal and external) for diocesan communications
  • Support deaneries and parishes, to the extent possible, in developing or updating their own annual communications plans and in completing and testing a viable crisis communications plan
  • Advise the editor and the bishop on peripheral communications issues that may arise such as the suitability of paid advertising or the inclusion of external web links
  • Develop a practice of regular integration and cross-promotion of all diocesan communications tools
  • Develop, test and maintain a crisis communications plan for the bishop and the diocese to use in an emergency
  Eight: the Publisher, the Bishop of Fredericton; NB Anglican Editor; representative of diocesan web team, editors or webmaster; vice-chair of the Diocesan Council and in the absence of the vice-chair another member of the Diocesan Council Administration Team; at least two additional lay and two additional clergy members
  Meeting expenses as required.
Sub-groups and Other Links
  The Bishop of Fredericton; Diocesan Council; Diocesan media editor; diocesan web editors.