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Diocesan Council

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Mission, Vision, Nicodemus Project and Five Marks of Mission statement


Kathy Asch
Irene Adams
Stuart Allan
David Barrett
David Bell
Gilbert Carter
Sandra Craft
Patricia Drummond
David Edwards (Chair)
Geoffrey Hall
Brent Ham
Chris Hayes
Susan Jack
Rosemarie Kingston
Cathy Laskey
Siobhan Laskey
Bonita LeBlanc
Robert LeBlanc
Coralie Losier
Robert Marsh
John Matheson
Norman McLeod
Frank Morehouse
Dylan Nicoll
Keith Osborne
Edward Quann
Neville Sloane
Allen Tapley


Terms of Reference

Diocesan Council Roles and Responsibilities
Diocesan Roles, Committees, Appointments and Elections
Diocesan Council Rules of Order and Procedure (17 September 2008)
Expectations of Members (04 June 2011)
Duties and Responsibilities of the Vice-Chair (07 November 2009)


Committee/Team Report Templates WordPerfect    MS Word
Roles and Responsibilities Templates WordPerfect    MS Word    Detail
Priority and Action Item Template WordPerfect     MS Word
Team/Committee Self-Evaluation Template  PDF    RTF   TXT

Planning Reports Archive

Report RE Church Planting (Received October 2011)
Diocesan Direction Summary 2001 - 2011 (February 2011)
The Nicodemus Project - Action Plan (18 January 2010)
Budget Support Task Force Final Report (Adopted June 2009)
Diocesan Planning Study (January 2009) - Executive Summary | Report
Rural and/or Struggling Parishes Task Force (Adopted June 2009)
Sharing Ministry Task Group Final Report  (Received June 2009)
Diocesan Shared Ministry Plan (2007)