Mission to Ho, Ghana

Dear Friends:

We have been given an exciting opportunity to support a group of young adults and leaders traveling from the Diocese of Fredericton to our Companion Diocese of Ho in the Volta Region of Ghana during the up-coming March break. The group consists of 7 young adults ~ primarily university students ~ and 4 not-so-young adults.

During the first part of our relationship, our diocese has completed a project of funding corn grinders/cassava crushers for each of the 7 parishes in our Companion Diocese. With the support of Archbishop Claude and the Companion Diocese Committee, during this second part of our relationship, we would like to undertake another project.

The Diocese of Ho will celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2013. Throughout this ten year time, Bishop Matthias has worked without a real office space. He has identified a location and has people willing to work on a building. We would like to contribute further by providing material costs (ca $10 000).

Bishop Matthias shared with us how far a functional office space would help the ministry among his people. When I first shared with him the idea of a small being prepared to come to work with local people in helping make this dream a reality, he wrote:
‘To be honest with you, I don’t know who else to share the joy of the good news you have given me with. I shed tears of joy immediately after reading your news.
Throughout my ministry as a bishop, if someone may ask me what I needed most in order to function well, the secret I harbour in my heart is to have a Diocesan / Synod Office, but the means is not there, I just keep quiet over it. Thank you for that wonderful proposal.
Next year … we as a diocese shall launch our tenth anniversary …. It will be another major joy to celebrate in addition to the corn / cassava crushers your diocese has provided to … all the parishes.
I write say that it will be my joy and pleasure to see a synod office built to help me function in my role.’

In addition to providing costs, we believe it is a valuable part of the Companion Diocese relationship to foster personal relationships whenever possible. To this end, the people who have elected to undertake this trip plan to travel to Ghana from the 1st through the 11th of March 2013 to work with some of the people in the city of Ho to begin building an office for their Diocese.

We will be working hard, but as we live among the people in Ghana, and they will be sharing much with us. We will experience something of their everyday life, worship together and learn much from them. We will build bridges of friendship, understanding and appreciation across boundaries of culture and experience.

In order for our team to make these trips and complete our mission, we need both financial and prayer support. The cost of our mission trips is approximately $2000 per person. Although we are conducting some fundraising events, our window of opportunity is short, and the majority of our financial support will come from individual sponsors.

If, after prayerful consideration, you are able to make a tax deductible financial contribution to our mission trip here is how to do so. Contributions toward this young adult mission would be most welcome and can be made through the Synod Office. All donations (cash, cheque, credit card or on-line MUST be designated for the ‘2013 Youth Mission to Ghana Project’. Cheques MUST be made payable to The Diocese of Fredericton. Donations may be made by phone (506-459-1801) or on-line through the Diocese of Fredericton website (anglican.nb.ca) by selecting the ‘Other’ category and designating this project.

We see this mission trip as an important step in spiritual growth – one that will significantly impact the community as well as benefit the work of God’s kingdom here in Canada. We are eager to share this enlightening experience with you. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

In God’s Love,

George Porter for
The 2013 Youth Mission to Ghana Team

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