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“I don’t careMedely what I have to do, I just want to be at camp this summer!”.  These are the words of an enthusiastic young staff recruit who couldn’t contain his enthusiasm during his interview for camp Medley. With such unbridled excitement about possibly spending the entire summer at a place that had meant so much to him, it was impossible to even imagine saying no to this kid.  He went on to share about the incredible impact that his camping experience had had on his spiritual life, and how he wanted campers to experience what he did.  There was passion, dedication, determination and maybe most important an ability to clearly and comfortable share his faith with us  in a way that made you feel good about just being alive!

Now before I go any further I have a confession to make…  I didn’t really get into camping as a kid!!  Ok are you happy I said it “I WASN’T INTO CAMP AS A KID”. Ok I feel better know that that’s off my chest, I’ll seek forgiveness from all of you hard core campers out there later.  So how does a kid who wasn’t really into camp end up believing so much in the value of camping?  Let me explain.

As I have moved through various stages of working with youth I have reached a undeniable truth, the world is loud!  All day long from the time they get up to the time they close their eyes at night the world is talking at them.  Youth are constantly being told they are to short too tall, too fat too small.  They are not smart enough, quick enough, funny enough, cool enough, sexy enough, masculine enough, feminine enough, they are not ENOUGH! And it never seems to end, they hear it in the hallways at school, at home, on TV, on the computer and even when we think they are safe from the worlds voice tucked in at night the resonating noise of the world still echo’s through their heads… your not enough….you’ll never be enough….don’t even bother trying to be enough!  Many of you remember that voice, and may still carry it with you to this day in some way or another.

Now imagine a place that blocks the noise of the world. A place that is cut off from the hallways and screens and has one focus, to tell your child they are enough just the way they are.   The world says your too short, or too fat or too skinny, God says I created you perfectly in my imagine.  The world says your not smart enough or cool enough, God say I love you so much I sacrificed my own son so you could know me. The world says your not enough, your not worth it, God says I have  plans for your life to prosper and live a life abundant.  God says we are enough because he is enough, and frankly that’s enough!

That’s what camping ministry is, a place that blocks the world and the destructive message of not enough and lets your son or daughter hear the voice of the creator saying “your worth it, don’t listen to the world  you belong to me”.  I hope you will consider sending your child or if yours is grown up, send someone else’s child, so they can have an experience of camp fires, games, friendship, laughter and knowing they are enough!  Because from the kid who loved camp so much that he couldn’t wait to grow up and work their, and the the kid who wasn’t really into camp, we both know its a great place for your kid!

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See you this summer.

From your Brother in Christ

Colin McDonald

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