What does Holy Scripture have to say about care for the environment -- care of creation? "Is it not enough for you to feed on the good pasture, that you must tread down with your feet the rest of your pasture ..."  Ezekiel 34:18

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Investigate several "energy efficiency programmes" offered by NB Power including: Commercial Buildings Retrofit; Low Income Energy Savings; Home Insulation Energy Savings; Ductless mini-split heat pump

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What will you do?  Eight suggestions for action are colourfully displayed by the Creation Matters poster.  Download for print or copy the image here for use in newsletters or other communications.

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The Working Group will endeavour to maintain a bank of resources: news, media and print to use and share furthering the goal of caring for creation
Creation Matters National
Join the work of parishes in reducing energy use and repurposing spaces for children, families, and marginalized people

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Getting Together
As a working group of the Diocesan Council Stewardship Team, we'll work together to devise ways to support and encourage creation matters in the Diocese



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The Creation Matters Working Group is mandated by the Diocesan Council Stewardship Team to give attention to the Fifth Mark of Mission of the Anglican Communion in the Diocese of Fredericton.

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Diocese of Fredericton
115 Church Street
Fredericton NB  E3B 4C8
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Task Group Chair:  Vacant
Webtender: Dean Geoffrey Hall