An ordination in Ho


The Recession after the ordination ceremony, with the Bishop of Tamale leading. The newly ordained Rev. Prince Mensah is at left, with Bishop Matthias of Ho beside him.  ~submitted photos

Editor’s note: The Diocese of Ho and the Diocese of Fredericton enjoy a Companion Diocese relationship. This story and photos of the January ordination of a young man named Prince Mensah were shared with us.

The Rev. Prince Mensah, whose ancestral home is Dzake-Peki, was born in Ho in 1993 to Mr. Roland Mensah and Madam Georgina Dansu, both of blessed memory. He is the third child of four siblings: Mavis, Sylvia, Prince and Precious.

The Rev. Mensah found his way to the Church through a friend, Bro. Evans Ameko of blessed memory, who introduced him to the Guild of Servants of the Sanctuary, Ho and took him through the necessary trainings and rudiments of the Guild.

The late Evans, who was a friend of the Bishop’s House, brought along Prince as another friend who also warmed himself up very quickly to Bishop Matthias, Lucy and their family.

Prince has, ever since, developed a special love of the service of God. He was baptized and later on confirmed after attending the prescribed catechism classes.

One remarkable event about Fr. Prince was when he chose baptism over being at the graveside of his father who was buried the same day and time of his baptism. Nobody understood why no family was present at his baptism.

Later that memorable day, his mother and sisters, after returning from the burial, went to the Bishop’s lodge looking for Prince. That was when the sad news of his father’s death and burial was broken to the bishop and his household.

Although everyone was angry with Prince, we likened this event to when Jesus was found in the Temple, when the parents were furiously looking for him.

Prince then followed his mother and his sisters back home to take part in the final funeral rites. But within him, he had fulfilled his heart’s desire by being baptized.

Take up thy cross

Take up thy cross and follow me, as Prince Mensah does here

The diocesan chancellor administers the oath.

Laying on of hands, by Bishop Matthias, once the oath is sworn.

The Rev. Mensah had his basic education at St. George’s Anglican Schools here in Ho, where he became the school prefect at both primary and junior school levels. Prince happily found his way into the school choir, and for the love he had for singing, he enrolled in the cathedral choir, and later on that same year, he joined the Association of Anglican Church Choirs, Ghana.

With the help of Bishop Matthias, who Prince has looked up to as his father since becoming a Christian, and through sweat and toil of his mother, he continued his education at the St. Paul’s Senior School, Denu.

After completing the senior school, Fr. Prince, in the midst of many choices before him, opted to be in the House of the Lord all the days of his life. After going through the selection examinations, Prince was admitted at the St. Nicholas Anglican Seminary, Cape Coast, to undergo his pastoral formation towards ordination.

After arriving at the Seminary, another disaster struck: the news of the sudden death of his beloved mother was broken to him by two bishops of Cape Coast, who silently watched him grieve for that great loss of a dear mother.

They comforted and consoled him before leaving him to face the future without biological parents, but he never relented on his focus, even at those difficult and challenging times.

At his ordination, although many wept when he prostrated on the floor during the singing of the Litany, and later on when carrying his cross to the altar for his ordination, we can now say that the joy in our hearts, seeing Prince Mensah ordained has overshadowed the pains and agony of death and loneliness.

He is posted to the Cathedral as assistant curate. The church solidly stands behind him as a rock on which he leans. Please, let us continue to uphold him in our daily prayers.

The Rev. Prince Mensah and Bishop Matthias

The Rev. Prince Mensah and Bishop Matthias, left and centre in red robes, with other clergy in the Diocese of Ho.

the Rev. Prince Mensah

Bishop Matthias, centre, introduces the Rev. Prince Mensah, left, to the crowd.


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