Caring For Colin Fundraising Updates

Colin Ranson

Colin Ranson

We are overwhelmed with the response from our Nov. 3rd story about little Colin Ranson’s medical needs and his brain surgery scheduled for March 4. To read the original story of Colin’s illness and his parents’ efforts to find him help, click here








Caring for Colin updates



Colin after surgery

Colin was a hungry boy the day after surgery, most likely due to the steroids he had been prescribed.  Photos via Facebook


Last week’s lead-up to surgery for Colin Ranson had all the plot twists of a Hollywood movie, but in the end, it appears the two-year-old’s surgery was a success.

The Rev. Paul and Kim Ranson, their sons, Colin and Isaac, 3, and Kim’s parents are in Houston, Texas for Colin’s laser brain surgery to blast a tumour that had been causing multiple gelastic seizures. The hope to be home by mid-month.

The Rothesay couple chose Texas Children’s Hospital, a centre of excellence for treatment of Colin’s rare disease, Pallister-Hall Syndrome, which is the source of a benign tumour-like growth deep inside his brain on his hypothalamus. Less than 500 children in the world have this condition.

All last week, Colin underwent pre-op tests, including an EEG, blood work, MRI and PET scans, as well as doctors’ appointments. But it was Wednesday when it became apparent that Friday’s surgery was threatened by a bad cough and a possible infection.

Colin was admitted to hospital on Wednesday evening was a fever of 103 degrees F and an elevated white blood cell count.

Requests for prayer went out, with a massive response. The Ransons’ Facebook post was viewed by over 10,600 people that evening and into the next day.

By morning Colin’s fever had disappeared, but there was still no decision on whether to proceed with surgery until late that evening when an X-ray showed his lungs were clear.

Friday’s surgery was long but successful. In fact, Colin was released the next day, with just one stitch in his head. As of Monday, the family was spending time together in their rented house in Houston. No seizures had been reported as of Monday.

In November, Colin’s parents announced a fundraising effort because the surgery and related costs would be $200,000. It was unknown whether medicare would cover any cost.

That news kick started a massive campaign in the Diocese of Fredericton that ultimately saw about $170,000 raised, much of it from parish efforts near and far. Just before Christmas, the New Brunswick government announced it would partially fund the treatment.


Colin plays with a toy MRI machine in a waiting room between tests in the days prior to his March 4 surgery.  Photo via Facebook



Report from the Anglican Parish of Upper Kennebecasis: When we were first made aware of little Colin’s situation back in November we had a special time of prayer; in fact we have had several special times of prayer for this family, and we have made a donation of $610.
Rev. Wally Collett


Colin on the flight to Houston

Paul and Colin on the flight to Houston. Submitted photos

Posted March 1, 2016:
Update on Colin Ranson and his family, who are in Houston, Texas awaiting Friday’s laser brain surgery. This is a report from his parents, the Rev. Paul and Kim Ranson, taken from their CaringForColin Facebook page.

SUNDAY: We went to church today at Palmer Memorial Episcopal. Worshipful and welcoming – we really loved it. Then they lent us a ton of toys for the boys. What a loving and thoughtful community.

The boys playing at the rental house in Houston.

The boys playing at the rental house in Houston.

MONDAY: Colin was very brave today. He was definitely not a fan of the EEG process (he never has been) but once Mommy climbed into bed beside him and Daddy played some lullaby music for him he eventually fell asleep, which was the goal and they were able to complete the entire test.
He was pretty grumpy when we woke him up and tried to remove the probes; he kept saying “I done daddy. I done!”

Colin during the EEG scan

Colin during the EEG scan Monday.

When we promised to take him for a walk when it was over, he settled down a bit – he loves riding in the stroller a local church lent us!

He has been taking a new steroid since Friday as part of this surgical process. Taking this prior to surgery has shown to reduce the risks of swelling during the operation. The side effect is that it makes him extremely hungry and quite irritable so we are trying to keep lots of snacks handy for him and have had to apologize to a few people for his explosive rage.


Happy again once the EEG scan was complete.

Happy again once the EEG scan was complete, with parents Kim and Paul Ranson. Starbucks’ lemon loaf did the trick!

The staff at the hospital have been very understanding when trying to get his vitals etc. While it’s a little hard on mommy and daddy to see him like this, we know it’s a means to a hopeful end.

Colin also met with Dr. Wilfong (neurologist) and Dr. Curry (neurosurgeon) this afternoon (Monday). We were amazed at how efficient the appointments were! No waiting, and we got in early for both!
We had met both doctors last summer when we came to Texas for a conference about Colin’s condition so that made these meetings easier too. Colin slept through most of the appointment (another side effect of the new meds) so Paul and I were able to ask any questions and listen easily, which was a blessing.

After today, we both feel very confident that this was the right treatment option for our son and are feeling more hopeful than nervous.

Colin will have blood work Tuesday and then an MRI and PET scan Wednesday. There is a team that will be working throughout the day Thursday to use those images to prepare for Friday’s surgery. As a result of that we won’t know details of how much of his HH (tumour) they think they can get or how complex the surgery will be until Friday morning.

We will meet them at the hospital at 6:15 am and have been told that on average they finish surgery around 3 p.m. but it could go much later.

We’re confident that God has his healing hand on Colin, as well as the surgeon. We know that He will help us through that day!

Don’t forget Colin! —- Prayer is requested for Colin Ranson and his family this week and beyond. They fly to Houston, Texas this Friday, Feb. 26, with pre-op tests beginning Monday. Colin’s laser brain surgery is scheduled for Friday, March 4 and they hope to be home March 15. The Rev. Paul and Kim ask for prayers for Colin (and his family), his medical team, and for safe travels. The people of this diocese have invested so much in this sweet little boy. Please follow up with fervent prayer.

• It is astounding that fundraising money keeps pouring in to the diocesan office. As of Tuesday, Jan. 26, the total received for 2-year-old Colin Ranson’s surgery and medical care is $169.146.70 !! Remember folks, there are no tax receipts for any of this money, so this is deep and wide generosity straight from the heart. What a blessing this fundraising has been, not just to Colin and his family, but to all of us !

Before Christmas we learned that NB medicare will help cover Colin’s surgery, so there is no longer active fundraising being encouraged. The family considers the goal of $200,000 reached. However, this bit of extra money can be used for Colin’s continued medical care. There is a chance that he will have to have a second surgery, due to the shape and complexity of his tumour.
Watching so many parishes come together with one mission –  to raise money for this dear little boy – has been a Christmas blessing and a Christmas miracle! Thank you!

• Hear about Colin’s condition from his dad, the Rev. Paul Ranson, Anglican chaplain at Rothesay-Netherwood School. Click here to watch this short video.

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Caring for Colin updates from around the diocese, as of Jan. 26

St Peters Anglican, Woodstock Road, Fredericton had collected $1,300 by the time the fundraising was put on hold. This money came from parishioners through a special weekly appeal. Our people were very moved by Colin’s story and he and his family are remembered in prayer at all services each week.

Caring for Colin news from around the diocese, as of Jan. 5

The Parish of Fundy and the Lakes raised funds in the following way for this most worthy cause of Caring For Colin:
– All loose offering during the month of December was set aside for Colin.
– The Ladies Guild gave a substantial gift from the proceeds of their annual bazaar.
– The Friday evening Card Party raised funds at their gatherings.
– The offering taken at the Memorial Advent Service (St. Thomas) was designated for Colin.
– The offering taken at the Annual Lessons and Carols Service in Saint Martins
– A soup luncheon is planned for mid-January.

• • • • • • • • • • •

Caring for Colin news from around the diocese, as of Dec. 22

• The Parish of Madawaska Outreach sent $3,500 plus an individual donation of $1,500, for a total of $5,000 to help fund Colin Ranson’s surgery in Texas.

• The Ladies Auxiliary of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 15 in Marysville sent in a donation of $200 for Colin Ranson. An auxiliary member, who is also a parishioner in Marysville, brought the story of Colin to the attention of her group, and they made the decision to donate. The money is from a fund in memory of Kay Stiles.

• The Mothers’ Union, Cathedral branch, dropped by the Synod office with a cheque for $360 for Colin Ranson.

St. Philip’s Church, 30 Lynch Street, Moncton, will hold a breakfast from 8-11 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 16 to raise funds for Colin Ranson’s surgery. Free-will offering accepted. See the poster here.

• • • • • • • • • • •

• As of Tuesday, Dec. 8, the goal of $200,000 has been reached! This is because the New Brunswick government has decided to cover part of the cost of Colin’s surgery.
What a blessing to see the hard work so many parishes have done to help this dear boy get the treatment he needs. It’s amazing what one family of God, all striving for the same goal, can do! To date, just over $82,000 has been donated via the diocese.

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Caring For Colin news from around the diocese, as of Dec. 9.

• Colin’s story ran in last week’s issue of the Northern Light paper here in Bathurst. We are planning to have a community breakfast Dec. 12 at St. George’s Church from 8-10:30 a.m., with all the proceeds going to Colin.
Rev. Deacon Sandy MacPherson

Trinity Church, Saint John – Dec. 19, 7:30 p.m., Nine Lessons and Carols service. Combined choirs with Spencer Belyea, 3rd Field Artillery Regiment Band (The Loyal Company) Brass Quintet with Capt. Michael Molloy. Readers from the community and Bishop David Edwards. Free will offering for Caring for Colin.

St.Agnes’s Sunday school’s campaign in the Parish of Derby and Blackville to raise money for Colin Ranson has ended. This was our last Sunday and we received $77.37 today. We have a grand total of $652.25 to contribute to the Caring For Colin fund. Not bad for a group of 12 children! They really care about Colin.
We had several members of our adult congregation and others in the community who generously turned over their coins to us. We thank everyone on behalf of the Ranson family for helping us exceed our goal of $500. The kids and teachers learned a valuable lesson in the power of one person, no matter how small.
We can do all things with Jesus at our side. God Bless us one and all!

• I would like to give you an update on our fundraising efforts for Colin Ranson.  Parish of Andover – Trinity Church – On Sunday, Nov. 29, our parish held a silent auction and potluck Advent luncheon following our morning service. The funds received from our silent auction totalled $550. This amount was added to the already ongoing fund, bringing our total for Caring for Colin to $1,650 and counting.

• On Dec. 7th a luncheon of soups, rolls and dessert was held at the New Denmark Rec Centre. A large crowd showed up to support the Ranson family in their time of need. Wonderful support – over $1,000 raised.

New Denmark luncheon to support Caring For Colin.

New Denmark luncheon to support Caring For Colin.

New Denmark luncheon to support Caring For Colin.

New Denmark luncheon to support Caring For Colin.


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Caring For Colin news from around the diocese, as of Dec. 1.

•  Parish of Wicklow, Wilmot, Peel and Aberdeen:
On Sunday, Nov 29th we held Care For Colin Sunday with a free-will offering at our parish family service in Glassville. We collected $1,740 and added $260 from our general account to make a donation of $2,000.

• On Sunday, the Anglican Parish of Salisbury and Havelock held the first of our “Toonie Sundays” at church to raise funds to help fund two-year-old Colin Ranson’s surgery in Texas in March.

• On Nov. 14 the Parish of Richmond held a gospel concert, raising $320. The parish added $600 from its compassion fund for a total of $920 for little Colin’s surgery.

Big Tide Brewing Company, 47 Princess St., Saint John, is demonstrating its good corporate citizenry by donating 20 per cent of its profits from sales on Friday, Dec. 4 to the Caring For Colin Fund. It will hold a concert that evening at 7 p.m. featuring Clinton Charlton. $7 cover charge.
As well, during the month of December Big Tide Brewing Company will feature a new dessert called Cookies for Colin. All profits go to the family for their travels to the U.S. for surgery for their little boy.

• A couple of updates for you. Last Saturday St. Philip Moncton held our annual fundraising silent auction. The Lord blessed us with the best auction we have had in a number of years, so as well as donating part of the proceeds to PWRDF, our vestry decided to donate the same amount to Caring for Colin.
On Sunday Nov 29 – Advent 1 – the Archdeaconry of Moncton held its 4th annual Service of Lessons and Carols with Bishop David in attendance as he was last year. In previous years we have donated the offering to two Moncton charities, Headstart and Harvest House who both do wonderful work for the less fortunate. This year we are splitting the offering three ways – Headstart, Harvest House and Caring for Colin.

• Westside Anglican Mission
Memorial angels are a meaningful way to cherish today’s events and yesterday’s memories. Gifts of any denomination can be made in memory of a loved one or to honour an event, individual or family. Every gift is acknowledged with an angel hung on the memorial tree at the front of the church. All funds raised this year will be donated to the Caring for Colin – Canada campaign.

• Anglican Parish of Derby and Blackville
Valerie reports this morning they received some wonderful donations, bringing their total, thus far, to $300.88. She told us that one child emptied their “Smarties bank” to donate to the project.
In doing so he found $3.38 and two buttons. We were trying to determine the worth of the two buttons – we think they are priceless! What do you think?
Valerie adds: “I am so excited and amazed by the generous giving in this community.” And, so say all of us!
“Coins for Colin” update:
The Sunday school students and teachers are beyond excited! In just a couple of weeks they have set a goal and almost reached it – because of their efforts and the support of family and friends, and, by family that includes their parish and community family. Our Sunday school this morning received $194.75 in Coins for Colin.
So now they have collected $495.45 of the $500.00 they aimed for. They are so grateful to God for binding us together as a generous witness of His love and grace in our community.
Thank you so much to all who made donations today. Please join them in giving thanks in all places and at all times. Thank you, all. Please continue to uphold them and Colin as they reach their goal, but more importantly, for Colin as he continues to prepare for his surgery in March.
When we receive the gift of God’s grace and set our hearts and minds on caring for others as we are cared for – love wins – every time!

• Thought you would like to know that we took up a free-will offering last night and again this morning at the Men’s Conference we were involved in. If the sums are correct we will be sending a cheque to the Diocese on Monday in the amount of $3,806.60 for Caring for Colin. Praise the Lord. The cheque will come from The Point Church who looked after the finances. Blessings to you all.
Gordon Thompson
Parish of Chatham

The Parish of Central Kings Elementary Youth Group has decided to take on the “Caring for Colin” project and help raise some much needed funds for little Colin and his family.
We have a jar set up with Colin’s picture and we’ve called it “Coins for Colin.”
This jar will be at church every Sunday. If you have any spare change that you would like to donate, it would be greatly appreciated. The jar will also be at our movie nights and senior’s dinners.
The Christmas craft fair & bake sale, Dec. 13 will include handcrafted Christmas ornaments, made by the children of the Parish of Central Kings Youth Group. The bake sale of delicious baked goods and snacks for Christmas is always welcome.Sale time: 1-3 p.m., Bloomfield Hall.
All monies raised will go towards the Caring for Colin project ( or Caring for Colin – Canada on Facebook.

• • • • • • • • • • •

New as of Nov. 24

St. Mary and St. Bartholomew Anglican Church, Saint John will be busy making 760 apple pies, with all profits going to the Caring For Colin fund. Most of the pre-ordered pies will be made this Friday.

• On Friday, Dec. 11 at 7 p.m. St. Mary and St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church, 646 Westmorland Rd., Saint John will host a Christmas concert featuring numerous musicians, with silent auction and bake sale. Freewill offering for the concert; auction viewing before and after the concert. More information: 696-1347. All proceeds to the Caring For Colin fund.

St. Luke’s Church, Gondola Point will host a Christmas bazaar this Saturday, Nov. 28 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Proceeds will be donated to the Caring for Colin fund.

• The parishioners of Holy Trinity Hammond River have again shown their generosity! In response to Caring For Colin Sunday, Nov. 15, $937 was raised that will go directly to the Ranson family.

All Saint’s Anglican Church, Keswick Ridge, held a crèche and angel display on Saturday, Nov. 21. They put out a basket for donations during the afternoon and evening, serving refreshments and showing off over 100 nativity sets. The angel display included everything from a three-inch to a three-foot angel. Some were made of stained glass, some were lit, and some were angel treetoppers.
In all, the event raised over $1,000 for the Caring For Colin fund.

• The ministry team at Westside Anglican Mission in Saint John has been mulling over ideas for a fundraiser to contribute to Colin Ranson’s upcoming surgery. David, our music director, has suggested we do a Valentine concert/tea.
We will have the mission choir and have settled on Feb. 6. We will report further details as we iron them out.

• Last night, Nov. 22, we held a wonderful event with people from both the Parishes of Riverview and Hillsborough.
Everyone was so pleased to have the whole Ranson family with us, and I think Colin ate as much spaghetti as I did.
The end result will be a donation for $7,000 and I expect more to trickle in.
The dinner and Bring and Buy Auction raised $3,600
Donations from groups within the Parish of Riverview – $2,200
Personal donations from parishioners – $1,500
We will send a cheque to the diocese in the next few weeks.
In Faith,
Archdeacon Brent Ham

• • • • • • • • • • •

New as of Nov. 17

• I wanted to let you know that the Anglican Parish of Chatham has been praying for Colin and the whole family. We are involved in a Men’s Conference this weekend and an offering will be taken for Colin.
On Jan. 16th we are having a spaghetti supper with all of the proceeds going to Colin.
Thank you so much for what you are doing. I’m sure Paul and Kimberly and boys really appreciate everything.
The Rev. Gordon Thompson

• The Parish of Denmark will be having a luncheon at the New Denmark Recreation Centre Monday, Dec 7th at 12 noon. This will be a simple lunch of a variety of soups, rolls and dessert and fellowship. All donations will be forwarded to the diocese for the Caring for Colin Fund.

• The Oromocto Anglican community put out a donation box at their weekly Soup’s On lunch and Lorna Williams made cupcakes. They have a cheque for $720 that the Rev. Walter Williams will be dropping off at the Synod office.

• In response to Caring for Colin:
On Nov. 4, we at Trinity Anglican Church, Sussex, held a wonderful service for the Celebration of New Ministry for Rev. Canon Tom Stradwick. When the offertory hymn was announced Bishop David explained that the open offering that night was designated for Caring For Colin. The congregation of guests, both lay and clergy, and the general public were very generous and $661.90 will be forwarded to the diocese.
As well, the Mission Committee will be seeking Vestry approval on Monday evening to hold a “Pie and Coffee” Social on Dec. 3 from 1:30-3:30 p.m. with all proceeds going to Caring For Colin. A piece of pie and cup of tea or coffee will be $5. It will be open to anyone from the community and congregation who want to support Colin and his family.

• The Parish of Musquash is praying for Colin and his family. May God’s love be upon them. We held a bake and craft sale Nov. 14th from which all proceeds will be dedicated to Colin.

• The Anglican Parishes of Riverview and Hillsborough are in the final stages of planning for the spaghetti supper this Sunday. (Nov. 22nd at 5 p.m. at St. John the Baptist Parish Hall in Riverview.)
It will be a packed house with close to 120 people – a combination of Hillsborough and Riverview congregations.
Even before the Bring and Buy fundraiser, we have raised $3,500 through donations from the various groups within the church (Mother’s Union, Ladies Parish Guild, ACW, Men’s Club and a private donation). The Sunday school kids sold cookies last week and made $200 and they were really touched by Colin’s story.
It is wonderful to see how the Diocese is working together to help such a special family and we are continuing to hold the Ranson family in our thoughts are prayers.

• • • • • • • • • •

• At the 134th Diocesan Synod, a special offering was taken up for Colin  A generous crowd donated $6,519.85. Given the total, it was no surprise that the offering plates had to be emptied half way through the collecting!

Christ Church Cathedral is marking Nov. 15th as  “Caring for Colin Sunday.”

Parish of Wicklow, Wilmot, Peel and Aberdeen:
On Sunday, Nov 29th we are receiving a free-will offering at our parish family service in Glassville for two-year-old Colin Ranson who has been diagnosed with a rare condition called Pallister-Hall Syndrome.There is a tumour-like growth in his brain. Colin needs surgery which will cost close to $200,000 which will take place in Texas. The surgery is booked for March 4th, 2016.

The Parish of Madawaska is on board to participate in Caring for Colin. I will bring it to the congregation’s attention on Nov 15. We will decide at our Leadership Team meeting on Nov. 18 just how we will participate, but let me assure you, we will do our part!

• Dec. 4 & 5     3rd annual Christmas Crèche Festival and fundraiser for Colin Ranson at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, 2 Hammond River Rd., Quispamsis. Beautiful Nativity scenes will be on display in this lovely country church. Festival events include a community lunch on Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m with a home bake sale and silent auction followed by a kitchen party and carolling from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. On Saturday Dec. 5, 10 a.m.-noon, children’s gingerbread decorating, face painting and lots of fun! For more information or to display your Nativity scene call 847-0850. Event schedule can be found at  A free-will offering is appreciated to support the cost of extraordinary brain surgery needed by little Colin, age 2.

Parish of Millidgeville
We are very moved by little Colin’s illness and want to help. We have planned a luncheon and following this we are having an auction. All proceeds will go towards this worthy cause. We are planning on having this event Jan. 16 beginning at 12 noon.
In the meantime we will be actively collecting items to be auctioned off from local businesses and also from our parish family and the Millidgeville community.
We will be constantly keeping Colin and his family in our prayers.

Parish of Coldbrook and St. Mary
Paul, Kim and the kids are in our parish. We have some parish activities scheduled. We have already done some promotion of this but will certainly post it and promote it.

The Parishes of Riverview and Hillsborough are going to combine our efforts and do a fundraiser. Most likely a dinner and silent auction on Sunday, Nov. 22. One parishioner has already donated $1,000 towards our goal.
We have a meeting about it tomorrow.

The Parish of Central Kings included Colin on their prayer list several weeks ago and fundraising has begun. Colin and his family are in our prayers and our hearts.

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