From the Bishop’s Office

 Appointments and Announcements

• The Rev. David Alston has been appointed deacon-in-charge of the parishes of St. Andrew, Sunny Brae and St. Philip, effective Sept. 18.

• The Rev. James Crighton will be ordained a deacon at All Saints Church in St. Andrews on Oct. 1. Rev. Crighton worships in the Parish of St. Andrews and is a former member of the United Church of Canada.

•  Robbie Griffin has been appointed layreader-in-charge of the Parish of Grand Manan, effective immediately.



•  There will be a Celebration of New Ministry for the Rev. Douglas Painter, rector of the Parish of Kingston, 7 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 22 at Trinity Church, 3950 Route 845, Kingston.

•  There will be a Celebration of New Ministry for the Rev. Wendy Amos-Binks, interim incumbent in the Parish of St. James, Moncton, 4 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 29.


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Clergy and Ministry Vacancies

The Bishop invites expressions of interest for the incumbency in the following parishes:


Temporal Transactions

View an up-to-date list of property transactions within the diocese.