From the Bishop’s Office

Appointments and Announcements

•  N E W  • Rob Montgomery has been appointed deacon in the Parish of Rothesay, effective as of his ordination on June 24.

Bishop David Edwards has accepted the resignation of the Rev. Dr. Ranall Ingalls, rector of the parishes of Sackville and Dorchester, effective July 31. Ranall will become the chaplain at the University of Kings College, Halifax.

Upcoming Ordination
Sunday, June 24 (Nativity of St. John the Baptist) at 4:00pm at Christ Church Cathedral in Fredericton. James Appleton, James Crighton, John Galbraith and Dwight Stuart will be ordained priests; Cole Hartin and Rob Montgomery will be ordained deacons. Clergy, layreaders and theological students please RSVP here.

June 26  David Dean 35 years Priest
June 29  Albert Snelgrove
35 years Priest
June 11 John Harvey 30 years Priest
June 11 John Tremblay 30 years Priest
June 11 Malcolm Berry 30 years Deacon
June 11 Paul Jeffries 30 years Deacon
June 11 Claude Miller 30 years Deacon
June 11 Kevin Stockall 30 years Deacon


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Clergy and Ministry Vacancies

The Bishop invites expressions of interest for the incumbency in the following parishes:


Temporal Transactions

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