Our Objectives

Our mission is:hj-button-bordered_0001_new.thumbnail

To serve God and Church by following Jesus and emulating the character of Saint Joseph, carpenter by trade, husband of Mary and earthly father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As members, we should …

  • be regular in attendance at Church Services, especially at Holy Communion
  • have a custom of private prayer and Bible reading, practice self-discipline
  • bring the example and teachings of Jesus Christ into our everyday lives
  • do what we can to further the work of the Church in our Parish and the World
  • make regular offerings to further the work of the Church

As a collective body we should …

  • provide the form and venue for a men’s group within each Parish, which, because of its name, structure and origin, has ties to other Guilds within the Diocese.
  • fellowship with one another and as the occasion arises, share our experiences with other Guilds.
  • be ready and willing to respond to requests for services that are within the scope of our abilities and talents.
  • offer suggestions and provide services that could improve the functionality or enhance the Church and its buildings.
  • not consider raising money as one of our main objectives.  However, in order to provide services as a guild, a certain amount of money is required.  Therefore, money raising will be limited to that need, unless special projects undertaken by the Guild dictate otherwise.
  • minister to one another as the occasion arises, such as in time of sickness of a member or one of his family.
  • have a program of projects and activities in advance, so better planning of time and resources is accomplished and members plan accordingly.
  • involve the Rector as a member where possible, and by doing so have the concurrence of the ordained leadership, wardens and vestry for projects that require Parish funding.

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