Day 1


So day 1 is done. It has been a wet day, but not as bad as it was supposed to be. We were a little damp on the way from Grand Bay to West Saint John, but it was a good walk. In all ten of us walked the whole route and we were joined for part of the way by three others, two of whom were over 90!

The day began with a great celebration at the Church of the Resurrection in Grand Bay-Westfield, it was my privilege to Confirm 10 young people during the service there. It was a very joyous occasion. We also enjoyed congratulating CTV’s Maritimer of the Week, Wes Cosman, a member there and I was able to give thanks for the congregation receiving a national award from the military for their support of Michael Caines in his role as a Chaplain.

I am aching a little now and I do not think I will need much rocking to get me to sleep tonight. We received great hospitality at the Church of the Good Shepherd in West Saint John this evening. It was great to share evening prayer with members of the congregation, led by the Rector.

It is remarkable that when walking one notices things that would otherwise be passed by. I have travelled the old road from Saint John to Grand Bay many times, but had not seen a house with a turret before. It was a reminder to me that to see we have to stop rushing.

What have I learnt today? It was a joy to walk with someone who has recently undergone extensive medical treatment. She has faced a hard road and yet joined us for the whole journey. To walk the walk of Christ is not always easy and at time takes a great degree of determination, yet the Lord is our strength.

We will gather for morning prayer tomorrow at 8.00am at the Church of the Good Shepherd and then be on our way to Lepreau.

I trust that God will give you a good night.


Thoughts before starting

It is the night before the beginning of the Pilgrimage. I am not sure what to expect. I am concerned about my lack of training. My hope is that as the two weeks go by I will ease into the walking and be in better shape by the end than I am at the beginning. I think I have packed everything I need for this adventure. It is clear from the weather forecast that a major need is going to be waterproof clothing. It appears that it is going to rain for at least 5 days out of the first seven. Getting things dry might be a challenge.

Tomorrow is Trinity Sunday and it makes me wonder what God has in store for us as we travel on this road. I am hoping that there will be time to reflect upon the things of God as we take the opportunity to slow down and look at the world around us. The obvious biblical text to be considering for the first day of the walk is the road to Emmaus.  The risen Jesus walking with his disciples and revealing things to them as they travel.

It is my hope that as we walk the roads and trails of South Western New Brunswick we will be very aware of Jesus travelling with us. Please remember to pray for us tomorrow as we begin our journey and also remember the Confirmation candidates I will Confirm in the morning at the Church of the Resurrection.

A Celtic Pilgrim’s Prayer

God, be with us in every valley,
Jesus, be with us on every hill,
Holy Spirit, be with us
on every stream,
every cliff’s edge,
every green pasture;
every moor and meadow,
and in the crest of the waves on the sea.
Every time we rest,
and every time we wake up;
O Father, be with us,
and keep us by your Spirit Holy,
every step we take,
in the good company of Jesus Christ, our Saviour. Amen.

(Adapted from the Carmina Gadelica, 1860-1909)