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Fond farewell to Phyllis and Ana

Phyllis Cathcart and Ana Watts


On Tuesday evening, June 17, New Brunswick Anglicans gathered at Cathedral Memorial Hall in Fredericton to bid farewell to two long-serving members of the Synod Office staff — Phyllis Cathcart and Ana Watts — both scheduled to retired the end of June.


Bishop George Lemmon, Phyllis, Ana, Archbishop Claude MillerOver the past 25 years Phyllis served four bishops as secretary — Archbishop Harold Nutter, Bishop George Lemmon, Bishop William (Bill) Hockin and Archbishop Claude Miller, who also retired in late June. Ana, who is editor of the New Brunswick Anglican and Communications Officer for the diocese, served the last three bishops over the past 23 years. But since her retirement date was postponed until at least the end of September and possibly October, she will also serve a fourth bishop, David Edwards, who will assume the office following his consecration on Sept. 20.

Phyllis and Tom SmithThe Rev. Canon Tom Smith, a dear friend of Phyllis and her husband (the Rev. Canon) John Cathcart (as well as a fellow immigrant from Northern Ireland), shared amusing, serious, interesting and heartfelt stories of her life and work. Bill Turney, chair of the Diocesan Communications Committee, did the same for Ana. Archdeacon Geoffrey Hall presented them each with a huge bouquet of flowers and thank-you from the diocese. Many, many family members, friends and generous New Brunswick Anglicans filled baskets and boxes with cards, letters and gifts as well.

Phyllis and John are retiring to St. Catherine’s, Ontario where her sister lives. Ana will remain in Fredericton, close to her children and grandchildren.

Diocesan Communications
19 August 2014