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Bowling competition heats up!

The Rev. Canon Kevin Stockall and Paul Banks watch the action last year

The Rev. Canon Kevin Stockall, barely recognizable in his viking hat, and Paul Banks watch the action in the lanes during the tournament last year. (~ McKnight photo)

By Gisele McKnight

Preparations for the second annual bowling tournament are well underway. It takes place in three regions on Saturday, April 21: Fredericton, Moncton and the Kennebecasis Valley. This year, all the proceeds will be used to help combat childhood hunger by donating to food programs in all three regions. The overall goal is $100,000.

T-shirts are being sold for $15 as a fundraiser and bowlers are encouraged to purchase one and wear it on tournament day.

Deaneries and parishes are planning fundraisers in the lead-up to the tournament. A 50s to 70s family dance will be held Friday, Feb. 23 at St. John the Evangelist Church, 75 Main Street, Fredericton, as a fundraiser, hosted by both the Parish of Douglas and Nashwaaksis and the Parish of Marysville (All Saints). (NOTE: This is a child-friendly event, $10 each or a family rate of $20. The doors open at 6 p.m. The music begins at 7 p.m.)

This is a real step forward, considering the trash talking that took place last year between the two parishes. To refresh your memory, it was the Rev. Paul Ranson who threw down the gauntlet last year with his cry of “It’s on like Donkey Kong!”

But when All Saints cleaned up at the tournament — it organized the event, raised the most money, had the top individual fundraiser, had the highest female average and highest female single string scores and won the tournament — the Rev. Ranson, conveniently, could not be reached for comment.

“If you recall at the Stewardship conference, Rev. Paul Ranson brought up the issue of performance enhancing drugs that our bowling athletes may have been involved with,” said the Rev. Kevin McAllister, the key organizer and priest at All Saints.

“In order to keep a level playing field, Rev. Ranson and Rev. Jon Galbraith volunteered to receive all samples for testing at their office on Main Street.

“Bowlers — please be sure to provide a sample at least four weeks prior to the event.”

Unfortunately, despite the show of solidarity displayed in planning the joint dance, it looks like the competition is heating up on Fredericton’s north side.

Meanwhile in Moncton, the tension is building. In the Parish of Riverview, potential bowlers are having to go through a try-out process. Not just anyone is being accepted to the parish team. Potential bowlers are having to prove their skill, illustrating the fierce competition that will mark tournament day.

To sign up, contact Archdeacon Rob Marsh (KV area) or Archdeacon Brent Ham (Moncton area), depending on where you live. To buy T-shirts, if you live in the Archdeaconry of Fredericton and/or wish to support the tournament, contact Kevin McAllister.

Rob Marsh: rbjmarsh at nbnet.nb.ca / (506) 650-2063
Brent Ham: revbrentham at gmail.com / (506) 386-7431
Kevin McAllister: micksizepint at yahoo.ca / (506) 337-8331

EDITOR’S NOTE: Aspects of the above story have been written in jest. The hunger issues are real, but the trash talking, drug testing and team tryouts should not be taken seriously.

Why should you bowl?

• • •
These statistics are just for the Fredericton area. There are hungry children, and programs that help feed them, in all corners of the province that need your support to keep operating.

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Gisele McKnight is the communications officer for the Diocese of Fredericton.

Diocesan Communications
20 February 2018