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Bishop welcomed and installed at
Christ Church Cathedral

by Ana Watts

On behalf of the people of Christ Church Cathedral and the Diocese of Fredericton, Bishop David Edwards committed their work and ministry Bishop Edwards faces Frederictonto God Almighty and the people of Fredericton and beyond as he left the cathedral following his installation on Sept. 20. "Gracious God, may our eyes be always open to the true needs of the people who reside here," he prayed as he stood in the open west doorway facing the city's downtown. "May our hearts be moved to uphold the dignity of every human being, and may our minds and hands work to bring peace, justice and compassion to all your people."

The 4 p.m. service that welcomed and installed the bishop followed his consecration/ordination as Diocesan Bishop at a service earlier that afternoon in St. Dunstan's Roman Catholic Church a few blocks west of the cathedral. Participants in that service, as well as many of the New Brunswick Anglicans and others who attended, processed from St. Dunstan's to the cathedral and celebrated at a garden-party Bishop seated in his cathedrareception on the Cathedral Green. Then at 4 o'clock most of them gathered in the Cathedral while the new bishop, accompanied by some clergy and lay representatives of the diocese, waited outside. The bishop then knocked three times on the closed west door with his crozier. The verger opened the door and Archdeacon Geoffrey Hall, the dean-elect, welcomed him saying: "David, bishop in the Church of God and our bishop, we welcome you to your cathedral church, the symbol and centre of your pastoral, liturgical and teaching ministry in this diocese."

The bishop replied: "I thank you for your welcome. I promise, with God's help, to be a faithful pastor and servant among you. I pray that the ministry we share may be pleasing to God and may strengthen the life of this diocese and the whole Church of God."

In the service that followed Archbishop David Coffin installed Bishop Edwards into the office of the Bishop of Fredericton and presented him with the Medley crozier and pectoral cross, symbols of the historic office he now holds. Bishop John Medley was the first bishop of Fredericton and served from 1845-1892. Tom Fetter, lay chair of Bishop and Chapter at the cathedral, presented the bishop with keys "as a symbol that this church is the home of your cathedra and may the doors of this place be open to everyone."

The dean-elect then invited Bishop Edwards to be seated in the chair appointed to his office as Bishop of Fredericton.

Diocesan Communications
30 September 2014